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Headaches or migraines are a common cause of pain for many people.
Headaches are usually considered to be less severe than migraines with a lower intensity of pain, often aching in quality and variable in location. Headaches are not usually associated with aura like symptoms (such as visual changes or sensory disturbances), and infrequently associated with nausea, vomiting or other complaints.

It is commonly believed that headaches are the result of irritation to nerves and pain sensitive structures in the head and neck regions. Because of the way our nerves are arranged in the head and neck; pain in one area can travel or "refer" to another part of the head. Other causes of headaches include muscular tension, stress, jaw pain, diet and food sensitivities, hormonal influences, eye-strain, dehydration and poor posture.

Headaches are classified in three categories (i) Primary, (ii) Secondary and (iii) Cranial neuralgias, facial pain, and other headaches. Primary headaches are the most common complaint, of which Osteopaths deal with and are well equipped to provide effective treatment for.

Osteopathic treatment is focused around the muscles and joints of the neck and upper back, targeting the upper cervical spine which is known to contribute to a large percentage of headaches.

An assessment of the lower spine and pelvis is also considered to ensure movement has not been hindered anywhere throughout the spine.


Interesting Statistics
Over 2.5 million people in Australia were taking medication for headaches
Persons aged between 25-44 years were more likely to report headaches than persons in other age groups


Australian Bureau of Statistics – 1995.



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